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At BIG W, we have everything you need for your next party or gathering, including a huge range of chips & snacks, chocolates, drinks and lollies of all shapes and sizes.

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1/2 price Cadbury Bites Tub 300g-340g
1/2 price Sour Patch medium bags 220g
$5 save $1 Lindt Sensations 140g-150g
$3 save $2 Mars medium sharepacks 132g-216g
1/2 price Cadbury Family Blocks
$129 save $20 Sodastream Spirit one touch soda maker
$16 save $6 Moccona coffee varieties 400g
1/2 price Nestle

Our top deals

Nestle Family Blocks 118g - 200g $3 Price after promotion $5
Kit Kat Cookie Collision $1 ea Price after promotion $2 ea
Sodastream x Pepsi Soda Mixes
The Natural Confectionery Co. Party Size Bags $10 save $2

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