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Chips & Snacks 129 Products found


Indomie Mi Goreng Instant Noodles 10 x 85g
Smith's Mexican Burrito Crinkle Cut Chips 150g
Doritos Mexicana Crackers 160g
Cheezels Original Cheese Box 125g
Arnott's Tiny Teddy Goes To The Farm 15 Pack
Smith's Chinese Peking Duck Crinkle Cut Chips 150g
Doritos Sweet Chilli & Sour Cream Crackers 160g
Doritos Texan BBQ Crackers 160g
Nong Shim Shrimp Meat Chips 75g
Doritos Collide Sweet Chilli & Lime 150g
EasiYo Greek Style Yoghurt Mix 3 x 170g
Nobby's Salted Cashews 150g
EasiYo Greek Style Passionfruit Yoghurt Mix 230g
Sunbites Grain Waves Sour Cream & Chives 40g
Cool Pak Original Popcorn 10 x 20g
Kettle Sea Salt Chips 175g
Nong Shim Onion Flavoured Rings 50g
Nong Shim Hot & Spicy Shrimp Flavoured Crackers 75g
Savour Spicy Broad Beans 100g
Savour Chilli Flavoured Peas 100g
Cobs Sea Salt Popcorn 80g
Cobs Lightly Salted, Slightly Sweet Popcorn 120g