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Zac Power - Shock Music

Has Zac's favourite band turned evil? Zac will have to use all his awesome rock star skills to work out what's going on in Zac Power - Shock Music.

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In March 2006, dastardly villains and evil masterminds around the world got a rude shock. They met their match in the form of a 12-year-old boy. Zac Power rose through the ranks of the GIB, regularly saving the world and doing his homework. He was a boy spy with his priorities straight. Zac Power got boys reading.

He was the first to tap into the high-octane action, low word count, reluctant reading genre for boys in a cool and meaningful way. He built boys' reading confidence and fostered a love of words. Zac Power was just a silhouette, but he represented so much more. He resonated with boys: they imagined that they were Zac, or they could one day join Zac Power on a mission!

They yearned for every detail about his world, they speculated about what he might look like, and they begged for more information about the elusive H.I. Larry. In April 2013, it's time to meet the boy behind the silhouette as we re-launch Zac Power for a new generation of readers. 

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    Hardie Grant Egmont
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    H. I. Larry
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    20 cm
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    13 cm
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