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VitaPet Purrfit Litter Crystals 7L

Purrfit Crystal Litter is unique. The Crystals have been filtered to the perfect size so they don't get caught in your cat's paws which reduces the change of your cat tracking litter around your home. On top of this our Purrfit Crystal Litter absorbs liquid and odours found in cats'.

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The big difference with Purrfit Crystal litter is that while most litters absorb liquids and some odour, Purrfit removes both liquid and most of the odour. The more they absorb the less transparent they become. When they are no longer transparent they can't absorb any more liquid and its time to discard. As it is purely sand, it is biodegradable. One bag will last one cat 6 weeks.

  • Brand Name
    Vita Pet
  • Product Weight
    2.8 kg
  • Age Group
    18 Years +
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