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The War 6 Movie Collection Box Set

The War 6 Movie Collection Box Set

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A Collection Of Some Of The Most Iconic War Films In Cinema History.

Windtalkers:In the brutal World War II Battle of Saipan, Sergeant Joe Enders (Nicolas Cage) guards--and ultimately defends--Ben Yahzee (Adam Beach), a young Navajo trained in the one wartime code never broken by the enemy, the Navajo Code. But if Yahzee should fall into Japanese hands, how far will Enders go to save the military's most powerful secret?

The Bridge At Remagen:In 1945, the Allies are making their final advance into German territory, and only one strategic bridge on the Rhine River remains in Nazi hands. Both sides have much to gain the Germans, the lives of 50,000 soldiers stationed on the wrong side of the bridge; and the Allies, a quicker end to the war with fewer lives lost. Though both armies would fight valiantly, only one could win the heart-rending battle.

Von Ryan's Express: The allies are beginning to push the Nazis back towards Germany when US combat pilot Colonel Joseph Ryan (Frank Sinatra) is shot down and joins American and English troops in a prison camp. The new-top ranking officer, he is initially more concerned with surviving than escaping, which earns him the nickname of Von Ryan. But in due time Ryan takes over from the commanding British officer (Trevor Howard), then masterminds a daredevil race for freedom with the Nazis in hot pursuit.

The Monuments Men: When a team of unlikely--and woefully unprepared--heroes is sent to the front lines of WWII, to rescue artistic masterpieces from Nazis, the race against time to protect a thousand years of culture begins. These curators, architects, artists and historians may not stand a chance...but they're the only chance we've got to protect and defend mankind's greatest achievements!

The Thin Red Line: Career soldier Sgt Welch (Jack Warden) and Private Donnell (Keir Dullea) carry out company orders to drive the enemy out of a treacherous wall of caves known as The Dancing Elephant, but in the heat of battle the stakes are raised, leading to ructions in the ranks. As the soldiers struggle to carry out their mission and survive, a personal battle presents itself that will test their very resolve. Heroic men at odds with each other, both marching The Thin Red Line of service to the US Army during WWII, their journey is a precarious existence between the strict sanity and the chaotic madness of a world at war.

Battle Of Britain: A spectacular retelling of a true story that shows courage at its inspiring best. Few defining moments can change the outcome of war. But when the outnumbered Royal Air Force defied insurmountable odds in engaging the German Luftwaffe, they may well have altered the course of history!

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    War & Military

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    755 minutes

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    20th Century Fox

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    20th Century Fox

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