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The Union / Harvest - Ultimate 2 Disc Edition (2 Disc Set)


Double Movie Pack: The Union and Harvest.

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**The Union**

Ever wonder what British Columbia's most profitable industries are? Logging? Fishing? Tourism? Ever think to include Marijuana? If you haven't, think again. BC's illegal marijuana trade has evolved into an unstoppable business giant, dubbed by those involved as 'The Union". Commanding upwards of $7billion annually, The Union's roots stretch far and wide with 65% to 85% of all 'BC Bud" being exported to the United States. Follow filmmaker Adam Scorgie as he dives head first into Canada's most socially acceptable illegal activity by interviewing growers, clippers, police officers, criminologists, economists, psychologists, doctors, politicians, and pop culture icons, to expose the business behind getting high.


Jahweve has spent his entire life on the island. He has seen the big world on T.V. He wants to travel...he wants to become a musician. On his small Caribbean island there is no work, fishing doesn't make any money, farming even less. Visas are impossible to obtain and flights cost a fortune. As a Rasta, the only solution is to grow weed in the mountains, but the army helicopters are coming to the hills more frequently to burn the plantations. One morning as he sleeps, he has a vision; he sees faraway lands, hears strange music and meets people he never knew existed. This is a sign for him to harvest his plants as soon as possible and leave for Martinique on a small boat. He plans to sell his stuff in the French islands where he can then board a plane to meet his destiny. Of course nothing comes that easy.
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  • Limited Edition
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    Wed Apr 22 00:00:00 AEST 2009
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    Eagle Entertainment
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    13.6 cm
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    19.1 cm
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    1.5 cm
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