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The Last Battle


In the near-future, a global disaster has left the world on the verge of collapse. The sky rains fish; skyscrapers lie buried in mountains of sand; and the few remaining humans are unable to talk, shuffling through the wasteland searching for food, shelter and a glimpse of humanity. The Man (Pierre Jolivet) longs for female companionship, so he cobbles together a serviceable plane and takes off for the city, where survivors shelter in the bodies of burnt-out cars. Here, The Man finds himself in a bitter battle against the vengeful and murderous Brute (Jean Reno).

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In the post-apocalyptic future, it is not easy to remain hopeful. As the sky rains fish and skyscrapers sit in piles of sand, human beings fight each other for food, warmth and survival. The Man struggles to build an aeroplane with which to escape and find a mate, but his best laid plans are compromised by The Brute. With the help of a mad old scientist, The Man just might overcome the obstacles and find true love.
  • Genre
    Science Fiction
  • Format
  • Brand Name
    Madman Entertainment
  • Country Of Origin
  • Boxed Width
    13.5 cm
  • Boxed Length
    17.1 cm
  • Boxed Height
    1.3 cm
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