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The Glimmer Man / The Last Boy Scout / The Rookie


Triple Feature Pack: The Glimmer Man, The Last Boy Scout and The Rookie.

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The Last Boy Scout:\n\nThe Last Boy Scout is the super Bowl of action movies, a flat out blitz of excitement, blow you away special effects and hilarious gimme five humour set against the world of pro football. Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans star as a seedy detective and a disgraced quarterback, teaming to dodge ambushes, fire off one liners and bust chops. When the going gets tough, they get tougher, funnier and they play the game harder. It is a fight for survival between good guys and bad guys, where bigger is better and the toughest team wins.\n\nThe Glimmer Man:\n\nThe desperate hunt for a serial killer has just gotten rougher for LAPD homicide detectives Jack Cole and Jim Campbell. They\'ve become partners. Punches mix with punchlines and the wit hits the fan when steven Seagal plays Cole and Keenan Ivory Wayans is Campbell in the searing thriller The Glimmer Man. Popular comic Wayans brings his wisecracking stock in trade to his hard hitting role. Action icon Seagal draws on his trademark sock in trade, chopping through dynamic martial arts sequences and getting his own wry comedy chops as well. Wearing Buddhist prayer beads, relying on ancient potions and living by Eastern philosophies, ex-New Yorker Cole is unlike any partner the street savvy Campbell has ever seen. The way Campbell sees it, secretive Cole is also something else: suspect number 1 in their murder investigation!\n\nThe Rookie:\n\nPacking years of experience and a .45 automatic, LAPD Detective Nick Pulovski figures he\'s got all the help he needs. He\'s also got all the help he doesn\'t need. His new partner is The Rookie. Director/star Clint Eastwood is Pulovski. Charlie Sheen is the by-the-book newcomer. Each reluctantly relies on the other to stop a killer elite gang of auto thieves. Raul Julia, Sonia Braga, Lara FLynn Boyle and Tom Skerritt co star with \"the most spectacular action sequences Eastwood has ever filmed\".\nA freeway becomes an 80 mph bumper car game. A barrio bar busts open like a giant pinata. The two drive through a wall to escape an exploding building five stories up. fasten your seatbelt.
  • Published
  • Actors
    Damon Wayans,Bruce Willis,Charlie Sheen,Keenen Ivory Wayans,Steven Seagal,Clint Eastwood
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  • Release Date
    Wed Oct 03 00:00:00 AEST 2007
  • Brand Name
    Warner Home Video
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    13.6 cm
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    19.1 cm
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    1.5 cm
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