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Star Trek The Original Series: Season 3 (Remastered) (7 Discs)


Captain Kirk and the crew of the Starship Enterprise explore space and defend the United Federation of Planets.

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Disc One:
Spock's Brain Mission Stardate: 5431.4
The Enterprise Incident Mission Stardate: 5027.3
The Paradise Syndrome Mission Stardate: 4842.6
And The Children Shall Lead Mission Stordate: 5029.5
Is There In Truth No Beauty? Mission Stardate: 5630.7
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Disc Two:
Spectre of the Gun Mission Stordate: 4385.3
Day of the Dove Mission Stardate: Unknown
For The World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky Mission Stardate: 5476.3
The Tholian Web Mission Stordate: 5693.2
Plato's Stepchildren Mission Stardate: 5784.2
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Disc Three:
Wink of an Eye Mission Stardate: 5710.5
The Empath Mission Stardate: 5121.5
Elaan of Troyius Mission Stordate: 4372.5
Whom Gods Destroy Mission Stardate: 5718.3
Let That Be Your Last Battlefield Mission Stardate: 5730.2
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Disc Four:
The Mark of Gideon Mission Stordate: 5423.4
That Which Survives Mission Stordate: Unknown
The Lights of Zetar Mission Stardate: 5725.3
Requiem for Methuselah Mission Stardate: 5843.7
The Way to Eden Mission Stordate: 5832.3
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Disc Five:
The Cloud Minders Mission Stardate: 5818.4
The Savage Curtain Mission Stordate: 5906.4 All Our Yesterdays Mission Stardate: 5943.7 Turnabout Intruder Mission Stordote: 5928.5
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Preview Trailers
Life Beyond Trek: Walter Koenig
Chief Engineer's Log
Memoir from Mr Sulu
Captain's Log: Bob Justman

Disc Six:
The Cage Mission Stardate: Unknown
The Cage (Extended Version) Mission Stardate: Unknown
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