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Skulduggery Pleasant Death Bringer Tour Edition

"The sixth instalment in the historic, hysterical and horrific Skulduggery Pleasant series. Think you’ve seen anything yet? You haven’t. Because the Death Bringer is about to rise…

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The bestselling 6th book in the series out now in paperback, and in a brand new cover look - featuring all new updated artwork from the hardback! DEATH BRINGER TCM′d over 60,000 copies in hardback, and it′s sure to fly in paperback too...

The Necromancers no longer need Valkyrie to be their Death Bringer, and that′s a Good Thing.

There′s just one catch. There′s a reason the Necromancers don′t need her any more - because they′ve found their Death Bringer already, the person who will dissolve the doors between life and death.

And that′s a very, very Bad Thing...

  • Published
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    Harper Collins Australia
  • Author
    Derek Landy
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    19.8 cm
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    3.6 cm
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    14 cm
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    0.432 kg
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