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Moth to the Flame

Moth to the Flame, Joy Dettman returns with another dazzling tale of the unforgettable characters of Woody Creek. The year is 1946. The war ended five months ago. Jim Hooper, Jenny Morrison's only love, was lost to that war. And if not for Jenny, he would never have gone.

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In 'Thorn on the Rose', after trying and failing to make it on stage, the dazzling young songstress Jenny Morrison returned to Woody Creek. With her two small children, she sought refuge with the indomitable town midwife, Gertrude Foote. There, she rebuilt her life, and eventually fell in love with a local lad, Jim Hooper, bearing him a son. But WWII loomed and Jim had to leave to fight the Japanese. In 1943 he was listed 'missing in action'...

'Moth to the Flame' picks up this epic story and we see Jenny bravely moving on with her life. She takes refuge with Ray King, a slightly sinister, stuttering boy who disappeared from Woody Creek as a teenager but has now reappeared. In return for regular 'wifely duties', Ray offers Jenny and her three children sanctuary at his house in Melbourne.

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    Moth To The Flame
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