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Lucky Break

This title features hot guys, horses and high school hi-jinks! Ivy and Olivia are super excited; their aunt on their mother's side has invited them to stay at her ranch, to get to know them.

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Ivy and Olivia are super excited - their aunt on their mother’s side has invited them to stay at her ranch, to get to know them. But she’s not in on the vampire thing, and when Ivy scares off her favourite horse, Lucky, the girls have to find him. Or risk blowing the coffin lid off the secret . . . Meanwhile, the school is putting on a production of Romeo and Juliet. Surely Olivia’s boyfriend Jackson – Hollywood teen heart throb – is a shoo-in for the part of Romeo? So when Olivia gets the part of Juliet she’s delighted. Only, Jackson isn’t Romeo, he’s Mercutio. And, even worse, Garrick, the grossest of the vampire ‘Beasts’ gang, is playing Romeo. So Olivia will have to kiss him – and she hasn’t even kissed Jackson yet! Oh my darkness! The twins need a lucky break like a vampire needs blood...Sink your teeth into Olivia and Ivy's seventh fright-time adventure.

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