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In the Company of Strangers

In The Company of Strangers is about friendship, duty and love. It can be someone you don't know, who lets you know yourself..

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Ruby and Cat’s friendship was forged on an English dockside over sixty years ago when, with other terrified children, they clung to each other and boarded a ship bound for Australia. It was a friendship that was supposed to last a lifetime but when news of Cat’s death in Margaret River reaches Ruby in London, it comes after a painful estrangement.

Declan has also drifted away from Cat, but he is forced back to his aunt’s lavender farm, Benson’s Reach, when he learns that he and Ruby are co-beneficiaries.

As he tries to get to grips with his inheritance and awaits Ruby’s arrival, Declan enlists the help of his friend Alice, who is desperate for a job and a place to live.

As these three very different people come together to get Benson’s Reach back in business they must learn to trust each other and to deal with both the staff and the guests. And then Lesley arrives, strong-minded, abrasive and taking time out from a crisis in her marriage, determined that somehow Benson’s Reach holds the answer to her troubles. 

Can the legacy of Benson’s Reach triumph over the hurt of the past and bring this disparate group of people together?  Or is Cat’s duty-laden legacy simply too much for Ruby and Declan to keep alive?

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