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Full Strength Horror Box: Volume 1


Unleashed from his castle dungeon, a deranged man wreaks his revenge on the world. An illicit fortune is hidden by a lurking evil under the ground. The coldness of the Stackpoole family members isn't the worst thing about them. A man's lust for a woman's innocence will create

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From the vaults of horror meister Charles Band and his Full Moon studio, come six of his best horror movies.

CASTLE FREAK: After inheriting a castle in Italy, John (Jeffrey Combs) moves there with his wife Susan and their daughter Rebecca. However, there is somebody else in the castle; an abused child left to die in the basement has become the castle freak and is out to wreak revenge on the world.

HEAD OF THE FAMILY: The head of the Stackpoole family is literally that - a giant head on a tiny body, who psychically controls the rest of his even weirder family: a collection of misshapen freaks who waylay unsuspecting travellers and dissect them in gruesome experiments.

LURKING FEAR: When ex-con John Martense returns to his childhood town of Lefferts Corner, he is there only to track down an illicit heritance. But he is pursued by others determined to gain the treasure for themselves...and hell is rising to hunt them in unbridled fury.

THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM: Amidst the bloody terrifying saga of the Spanish Inquisition, Maria, a bakers beautiful wife, is wrongly accused. The Grand Inquisitor, Torquemada (Lance Henriksen), insane with lust, violates and tortures Maria before condemning her to die. Her husband is her only hope of survival...

PUPPET MASTER LEGACY: Eric Weiss has dedicated his life to unlocking the secret behind Andre Toulons magic. However, just when Eric may have succeeded, a rogue agent breaks into his lab. As the present meets the past, the bloody legacy of the puppets is revealed in an act so shocking that it may destroy the very souls of all involved.

TOURIST TRAP: With its bizarre and frightening opening, Tourist Trap is possibly the scariest movie made about mannequins. Director David Schmoeller pulls a tour-de-force performance from The Rifleman, Chuck Connors as Slausen, owner of a wax museum where four young travellers are lured into a very deadly trap.

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