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Foyle's War: Seasons 4 and 5


Set along the South Coast of England in the 1940s, Foyle's War stars Michael Kitchen as Detective Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle, the straightforward sleuth who fights his own battles on the home front while war rages across Europe.

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Invasion: Cultures clash as the first Americans arrive to build an airfield near Hastings. Some locals see the invaders as a threat. Others find the chance for romance among the young G.I.s. But when a barmaid turns up strangled, Foyles investigation strains British-American relations to breaking point.
Bad Blood: As experiment in biological warfare goes awry, leaving a local woman dead and Sam hospitalised, her body covered in black sores. With Sams life in jeopardy, Foyles search for answers takes him into the most secretive areas of the war: research even Churchill doesnt know about.
Bleak Midwinter: The death of Grace Phillips, a young worker in a local munitions factory, arouses suspicions. The subsequent murder of Detective Paul Milners estranged wife, Jane, seems to confirm that Graces death was no accident. But the evidence points to Milner himself as Janes murderer...
Casualties of War: While investigating a gambling ring and incidents of sabotage, Foyle becomes distracted by a personal crisis. His troubled goddaughter, Lydia, shows up unexpectedly at his doorstep, along with her young son, James, a boy so deeply traumatised by a bomb strike at his school, that he refuses to speak.
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    Blu Ray
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    Foyle's War
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    Wed Aug 04 00:00:00 AEST 2010
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    Icon Film Distribution
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    13.5 cm
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    17.1 cm
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    1.3 cm
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