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Don't Know What You've Got Till It's Gone

Nina Morey is back - with her glamorous life, a career on the rise - could life get any better?

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After surviving a less-than-ideal start as a hot-shot editor in the competitive magazine industry, Nina Morey has picked herself up, shaken herself off and is back, ready to do deals with the devil in her job as editor of Juice, one of Australia's hottest weekly celebrity gossip magazines.

In the cut-throat world of weekly trash mags, Nina thrives on the adrenalin of out-bidding her rivals for scandalous photo sets, scoring exclusive rights to Australia's A-list weddings and having the most influential celebrity managers on speed-dial. But in her personal life, things aren't quite as glossy. Just as she's back on the single scene, all her friends start getting up the duff faster than you can say, 'Welcome to Nappy Valley'. While Nina spends her days managing her magazine's multi-million-dollar budget and stalking Kim Kardashian's every move, they're managing their miniscule maternity leave allowance and stalking their local daycare waiting list. Suddenly she feels like she's being rejected from a club she doesn't even want to join.

With a reality TV show in the works and a Facebook feed overflowing with endless baby updates, Nina heads to New York on an impromptu girls' trip to get away from it all - but little does she know that things are about to get a whole lot more complicated...

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