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Die Hard Legacy Collection - 5 Movie Pack


Celebrate 25 years of Bruce Willis playing John McClane with the Die Hard Legacy Collection. This collection contains all five movies in the Die Hard series - yippee ki yay!

In Die Hard, John McClane flies to LA on Christmas Eve to visit his estranged wife at her company Christmas party. But plans change when a group of terrorists, led by Alan Rickman's iconic Hans Gruber, seize control of the building and take everyone hostage. Armed with only a handgun and his skill, McClane becomes the only chance anyone has to survive in this heart-stopping action thriller.

In Die Hard 2: Die Harder, John McClane is once again in the wrong place at the wrong time. As he waits for his wife's plane to land, terrorists take over the air traffic control system. John must take on the terrorists - and cope with an incompetent airport police chief - to save his wife and the thousands of people trapped in planes circling overhead.

In Die Hard With A Vengeance, John McClane's past is coming back to haunt him. He is now the personal target of a terrorist who plans to blow up the city, and must participate in a series of riddles and bizarre games to try to find the terrorist's base of operations before more bombs go off and thousands of people die.

In Die Hard 4.0, it's up to old-school hero John McClane to foil a criminal plot to take down the entire computer and technological structure that supports the economy of the United States.

In A Good Day To Die Hard, John McClane travels to Russia to help his son Jack, who's been imprisoned in Moscow. However, he soon discovers that Jack is a CIA operative working to prevent a nuclear-weapons heist - and the two must team up to keep the world safe for democracy.

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  1. Die Hard
  2. Die Hard 2: Die Harder
  3. Die Hard With A Vengeance
  4. Die Hard 4.0
  5. A Good Day To Die Hard
  • Starring Bruce Willis
  • Rating: M
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    20th Century Fox
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