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Action: Volume 2 (Nitti/Red Surf/Militia/Tunnel/Scorcher/The Swap/Fire Trap/Chain of Command/Incredible Hulk Returns)


NITTI THE ENFORCER: Loving husband, good father, successful businessman, and ruthless killer, for years he was second only to Al Capone - not even the Untouchables could touch Frank Nitti.

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NITTI THE ENFORCER: Loving husband, good father, successful businessman, and ruthless killer, for years he was second only to Al Capone - not even the Untouchables could touch Frank Nitti. He survived the St Valentines Day massacre, outlived Capone and took organised crime into new territories, from organised labour to the movie business.This is a portrait of a man of contradictions, warm and loving with his family, heartless and cruel with his enemies. A Sicilian immigrant who stared off as a humble barber who became an enormously powerful man in the violent gangster world of Chicago in the first part of the 20th century.

RED SURF: Two young punks (George Clonney and Doug Savant) get more than they bargained for in a drug deal with big money drugs lords. While Clooney's girlfriend (Dedee Pfeiffer) is pregnant and he must make a very big decision whether or not to continue his drug selling habits. As he and Savannt swear this to be their last drug deal it could also be the last of them.

CHAIN OF COMMAND: Mike Connelly is a Secret Service agent assigned to guard Jack Cahill, the newly elected President of the United States. But on the way back from the election campaign an assassin gets aboard Air Force One and tries to kill Cahill. Mike is wounded during the incident. Left traumatically affected by what happened, Mike is subsequently reassigned to guard The Football - the portable, suitcase-sized nuclear weaponry command controls that must be near The President's side at all times. But Mike is disdainful of guarding a President who is perpetually womanising and is preparing to quit the service. Meanwhile China begins threatening Taiwan, so President Cahill flies to a private meeting aboard the luxury yacht of his good friend Ken Fung to see if he can defuse the situation. But instead, Fung and his men eliminate all the Secret Service agents and take The President hostage with the intention of forcing him to use The Football to launch a nuclear strike against China and thus obtain Taiwan's independence. Mike is the only Secret Service agent to survive and now has the single-handed responsibility of stopping Fung before a nuclear war is started.

THE INCREDIBLE HULK RETURNS: It's been two years since the Hulk has surfaced, and Dr David Bruce Banner is on the verge of curing himself of the Hulk. A device he helped create, the Gamma Transponder, will rid him of his own Gamma radiation, among other uses. Enter Don Blake, a former colleague of Banner's, who is now in possession of a mystic hammer which can summon Thor, an ancient Viking warrior. When the Gamma Transponder is nearly stolen and Banner's girlfriend is kidnapped, Banner must abandon the hope of being cured and rely on the Hulk and Thor to save the day.

MILITIA: Dean Cain stars as Ethan Carter, an ATF agent tapped to infiltrate an extremist militia. The ATF has determined that the militia possesses three stolen Anthrax missiles which it plans to use in its plot to kill the US president. In constant danger of being found out, Ethan must locate the missiles and gain the trust of his new colleagues while averting a disastrous showdown between the militia and the ATF.

FIRETRAP: Max Hooper is a professional hi-tech thief ready for retirement. But when he and his partner are offered $4.5 million dollars, it's an offer he can't refuse. IQ Industries has developed a controversial new computer chip that everyone wants. Max devises a foolproof plan to carry out this one last heist. Little did he know that the CIA is his client and an insider is selling company secrets including the chip As a cover, the insider has set a fire. This sets off a chain of events including an incredible explosion that sends a fireball throughout the building trapping Max and several innocent employees. Max ends up as their only hope for escape. But will he risk his life to save the others or try to get his hands on the chip

TUNNEL: A cop and a career criminal join forces to battle a terrorist faction in this taut action thriller. An SAS agent (Daniel Baldwin) has been assigned to escort a ruthless jewel thief (Kim Coates) to custody by train when they discover a tunnel along the route has been seized by a gang of terrorists. With the tunnel sealed at both ends and the train trapped inside, the two men have to set aside their differences in order to rescue themselves and the rest of the passengers.

SCORCHER: Take a deep breath. Renegade soldier Col. Ryan Beckett (Mark Dacascos) is called in by the President of the United States (Rutger Hauer) to save the planet from imminent destruction after Chinese nuclear testing accidentally loosens the subterranean plates and exposes the Earth's core, which threatens to bring "Hell on Earth" in just three days. Beckett assembles a crack team to deliver and detonate two nuclear bombs that must go off simultaneously in the only place on the planet in which they will do any good at stopping the movement of the plates - Los Angeles. The city is evacuated in a panic, but Beckett's teen daughter (Rayne Marcus) is abducted by a religious-fanatic pyromaniac and Beckett must save her before he saves the world.

BORN TO WIN: Ivan Passer's Born to Win is a fascinating time capsule that reflects the down-and-dirty New York City of the early 1970s. George Segal is astounding as "J", a heroin addict whose life has begun to spiral out of control. No longer interested in being a hairdresser, J spends his days searching for another fix. As he gets more and more lost in the haze of his addiction, J must face up to the junkie life that has trapped him.

THE SWAP: After spending the last ten years in prison, the first thing Vito Nicholette wants to do when he is released is avenge the death of his brother, Sammy. When alive, Sammy was a Playboy filmmaker who got mixed up with the wrong people. Through watching Sammy's films, Vito has pieced together who the killer really is and is now seeking revenge. Watch as Vito's eye-for-an-eye mentality takes vengeance to a new limit in this heart-racing thriller.
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