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5 Movie Collection - Western (Along Came Jones / The Hallelujah Trail / Rancho Deluxe / Support Your Local Sheriff / Support Your Local Gunfighter) (5

DVD Movie

ALONG CAME JONES: Melody Jones (Cooper) is a mild-mannered cowpoke who barely knows the difference between a six-shooter and a carbine rifle, but when he rides into Paynesville, he immediately commands the respect and fear, of the entire town.

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Melody Jones (Cooper) is a mild-mannered cowpoke who barely knows the difference between a six-shooter and a carbine rifle, but when he rides into Paynesville, he immediately commands the respect - and fear - of the entire town. The locals believe he's the notorious Monte Jarrad (Dan Duryea), a ruthless outlaw who's been terrorizing the frontier with his daring robberies and lightning-fast draw. At first, Jones enjoys his newfound fame, but that quickly ends when he finds himself the target of a bloodthirsty posse, a determined private investigator, Jarrad's double-crossed partners and the most dangerous enemy of all: Jarrad himself!

Great director John Sturges (The Magnificent Seven, Bad Day At Black Rock, Gunfight At The O.K. Corral) turns the west upside down in this rip-roaring Western comedy about the year Denver was nearly devastated by a drought - of whiskey - and had to have forty wagonloads imported through very harsh - and very thirsty - territory! Burt Lancaster and Martin Landau team with Lee Remick in this beautifully filmed epic adventure which wins both laughs and thrills. Also starring Donald Pleasence, Jim Hutton and Brian Keith, this irreverent and literally dry look at frontier life is possibly the funniest Western ever made.

Jeff Bridges and Sam Waterston star as an oddball team of modern-day cattle rustlers in this quirky, inventive portrait of the no longer wild West (Newsweek). If youre ready for a little not-so-innocent frontier fun, for some desire under the elms... some smoldering glances at the OK Corral, then head straight for Rancho Deluxe. Montanas Big Sky country is the setting for this whacked-out western that literally litters the landscape with the crazed descendants of those hardy pioneers whose covered wagons have been replaced by ubiquitous pickup trucks (LA Herald-Examiner). Among these deviated denizens are Slim Pickens as a crafty old stock detective, Harry Dean Stanton and Richard Bright as a pair of clumsy cowhands and Clifton James and Elizabeth Ashley as a bored couple from Schenectady who bought their ranch with the profits from a chain of beauty parlors.

On his way to Australia, frontier opportunist Jason McCullough (Garner) stumbles into a small gold-rush town and decides to earn a little extra pocket money by accepting a temporary assignment as its sheriff. Happily applying himself to his new position, McCullough manages to turn the town derelict (Elam) into his deputy, outsmart the dreaded Danby clan (led by Brennan in a hilarious comic performance), and fend off the lusty advances of the mayor's daughter (Hackett) all without breaking a sweat or dirtying his shiny black boots!

Gigolo con man Latigo Smith (Garner) needs to get something off his chest the tattooed name of his most recent ex-fiance. But while he's waiting for the local doctor to sober up and perform the operation, Smith overhears that local mining baron Taylor Barton (Harry Morgan) is looking to shut down his mining competition by hiring the notorious gunman, Swifty Morgan. Seizing the opportunity for an easy con, Smith passes off a reprobate cowhand (Jack Elam) as the dreaded Swifty and pockets the cash. Bankroll in hand, he plans to head for the hills until he falls for Barton's pistol-packin' daughter, Patience (Suzanne Pleshette). But when the real Swifty shows up looking for blood, Smith comes up with an outrageous scheme to save his hide, stop the mining feud and win over Patience, and it might just work if it doesn't blow up the entire town!
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