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How to make an Easter Hat

Hop into the Easter spirit and get your little one ready for the biggest Hat Parade of the year! This fuss-free guide will take you step by step into creating your very own special Easter hat. Even better, all the materials can be found at BIG W party stores and online.

It is quick and easy to make your own Easter Hat, and the perfect weekend activity for you and your kids as you prepare for the big day. Suitable even for crafting novices alike, our guide explains exactly what is involved - so all you need to do is hop right into it!

Check out the video!


Step 1

Begin by placing your Easter Bonnet and the contents of the Mega Easter Craft Tub on a table before you. The Mega Easter Craft Tub includes everything you need to get started decorating your Easter Hat. In addition, you may wish to include some shredded tissue paper like we have done.


Step 2

Spread an even amount of PVA glue around the brim of your Easter Bonnet, then carefully spread the colourful shredded tissue paper on top the glue and press down lightly to secure.


Step 3

Loosely twist the pipe cleaners around your finger to create the nests for your Easter chicks.


Step 4

Secure the nests onto the brim using PVA glue. Once dry, glue the inner nest and pop the little chicks into their new home.


Step 5

Finish off the brim by adding vibrant pom poms, animal cut-outs, glitter and other bits and pieces.


Step 6

Add a splash of colour to the top of your hat using fun foam stickers.


Step 7

Put a final touch on your Easter creation by gluing the Easter chick nest to the top of the hat. Voila! You’re ready to show off your creation at the Easter Hat Parade!