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Accessories 42 Products found


HABEE$avers Singer Bobbins 5 Pack
Helmar Premium Craft Glue 250mL
HABEE$avers Hat Elastic - Black and White
HABEE$avers Drawstring Cord 3m - Black
HABEE$avers Sewing Machine Needles
Triumph Craft Glue Pen 6mL
Triumph Titanium Coated Triumph 210mm
Sew Easy Double Sided Cutting Mat - Green
Klasse Machine Quilting Needles 5 Pack - Size 80/12
HABEE$avers Elastic Woven Ribbed 20mm x 3m - White
Triumph Scissors Titanium Coated 230mm
HABEE$avers Elastic Braided 6mm x 5m - White
HABEE$avers Elastic Braided 12mm x 4m - Black
HABEE$avers Elastic Braided 9mm x 4m - Black
HABEE$avers Fitted Sheet Elastic 18mm x 10m - White
HABEE$avers Elastic Shirring 20m - White and Black
HABEE$avers Drawstring Cord 3m - White
Sew Sweet Safety Pins - Pink
Sew Sweet Metro Tape Measure - Assorted*
Sew Sweet Pop Up Snips - Assorted*
Sew Sweet Go & Sew Sewing Kit - Assorted*