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Insect Control 50 Products found


Waxworks Citronella & Sandalwood Mozzie sticks 12 Pack
Waxworks Tropical Strength Pillar Candle 10cm
Waxworks Citronella Striped Terracotta Candle Bowl.
The Buzz Fly Catcher Bait Refill 3 Pack
Waxworks Classic Citronella Lamp and Torch Oil 1 Litre
Raid Max Outdoor Home Surface Spray 2L
Mortein Naturgard Control Bomb Odoulress 125g 3 Pack
RID Tropical Strength Pump Spray 100mL
The Buzz Bottle Fly Trap
Waxworks Glass Table Top Oil Burner
RID Tropical Strength Aerosol Spray - 150g
Brunnings White Oil Spray 1L
Aerogard Tropical Strength Insect Repellent 300g
Brunnings Ready To Use Ant Kill 1L
Mortein Outdoor Mosquito Coils 360g
Brunnings Time's Up Metal Mouse Trap 3 Pack
Waxworks Citronella Bush Blend Giant Tealights 8 Pack
Waxworks Citronella Glass Jar Patio Candle
Scotts Defender Snail & Slug Pellets
Confidor Insecticide 750mL
Yates Pyrethrum Insect Pest Gun 750mL