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Insect Control 52 Products found


Mortein Kill & Protect Surface Spray 350g
Mortein Naturgard Control Bomb Odoulress 125g 3 Pack
Confidor Insecticide 750mL
Brunnings Bug Kill Systemic Insect Control 1L
Thermacell Repellent Unit
Waxworks Tropical Strength Pillar Candle 10cm
Waxworks Citronella Striped Terracotta Candle Bowl.
Mortein Fast Knockdown Multi Insect Killer 300g
Waxworks Glass Table Top Oil Burner
Waxworks Citronella Glass Jar Patio Candle
The Buzz 8 Pack Fly Papers
The Buzz Bottle Fly Trap
Enforcer Bug Zapper 10 Watt (BZ10)
RID Kids Repellent Roll On 50mL
RID Tropical Strength Aerosol Spray - 150g
RID Tropical Strength Roll On Milk 100mL
Scotts Defender Snail & Slug Pellets
Yates Pyrethrum Insect Pest Gun 750mL
Waxworks Classic Citronella Lamp and Torch Oil 1 Litre
Brunnings White Oil Spray 1L