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Halloween: Let's get spooky!

Get ready for Halloween fun! Whether you call it Dress Ups or Costumes, Lollies or Treats, we have all you need for getting spooky this Halloween.

Our Must Haves this spooky season.

How to use face paints to create the perfect spooky look.


The Witch

  • 1)Paint around the main part of the face in green. Leaving around the eyes and chin
  • 2)Paint around the eyes and chin that were left with yellow
  • 3)Blend green and yellow at meeting points
  • 4)Using a paint brush and black face paint, add dark eyebrows and wrinkle lines around cheeks and eyes
  • 5)Using gold face paint, darken around the tear duct (as if creating black eyes)
  • 6)Add a touch of gold to highlights to the lips
  • 7)Using either facepaint or lipstick, paint the lips black
  • 8)Don't forget to add a few spider shapes on the cheeks for a full spooky look

The Skeleton

  • 1)Paint the main face with white including the lips. Remember to leave around the eyes
  • 2)Using black, create eye sockets by painting the eye black up to the eyebrow and down to just above the cheek
  • 3)Ask your skeleton to press their lips together, taking a paint brush paint the middle of their lips in a line. Extend the line 1-2cms past the end of the mouth
  • 4)Using the paint brush paint small lines across the lips (like stiches) leaving about 1/2 cm spaces
  • 5)Paint a black circle at the tip of the nose. At the top of the circle add 'Cat Ears', this will give you the look of the nose socket
  • 6)Finally add character with a few 'crack lines' across the face

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