Buying the right size bike

It is important for safety that the bike you choose is the right size for the intended rider. Correct fit ensures your new bike will be safe, comfortable, and will handle correctly. Be careful not to select a bike that may be too big or too small for the rider. The rider must be able to stand astride the top frame bar of the bike with both feet flat on the ground and have at least 25mm clearance (50mm for MTB’s).

The rider must also be able to comfortably reach the pedals and operate all the handlebar-mounted controls while in a seated riding position.


Size selection made easy!

Find your height in the coloured circles below. Then simply pick a bike marked with that colour.

Bike Guide 30cm

Bike Guide 40cm

Bike Guide 50cm

Bike Guide 60cm

Bike Guide 66cm

Bike Guide 70cm

Bike Guide 74cm

Buying the right type of bike

It is important for safety that the bike you choose is the right type of bike for the riding intended. The right type of bike will make your riding safer and more enjoyable.

Kid's BMX

  • Sizes to fit kids from approximately 3 years

  • Training wheels on smaller models to assist balance while learning

  • Knobbly tyres for extra grip

  • Easy to use pedal brake for safety

Commuter Bike

  • Built for comfort and easy to use

  • More upright riding position

  • Comfort features like soft saddle and grips

  • Usually has a basket and/or bike rack for carrying small items

Freestyle BMX

  • Built for fun and freedom

  • Stronger frame and wheels

  • Smooth treaded tyres for grip

Mountain Bike (MTB)

  • Built for comfort and control over rougher conditions

  • Suspension fork for smoothing bumps and better control

  • Wide gear selection for easier riding up and down, fast or slow

  • Wheel and frame sizes to suit kids and adults

Superlite Kid's Bike

  • Lighter alloy frame and components make the bikes easier to manoeuvre

  • Easy to ride bikes make learning faster and more enjoyable

  • Rear pedal brake and adjustable front brake lever is simpler for little hands

  • Smooth rolling tyres mean less resistance and make pedaling even easier

Assembly Guide

For your convenience, your bike has been 90% pre-assembled. To complete the assembly process, follow the easy steps below. Before beginning, please refer to the assembly instructions and owners manual supplied with your bike.

An adjustable and a narrow 15mm spanner will be required. Allen keys and a phillips head screwdriver are included in the carton for all bikes larger than 30cm (12”).

Assembly available in store.

By appointment only. Just $22.00. See in store to make an appointment.

Safe Riding

1. Buy the right size bike

A bike that fits the rider, especially kids, is critical for staying in control and having fun. Don't forget to check out our size guide to find the perfect bike.

2. Buy a helmet that fits

Correctly wearing a well-fitting helmet can reduce the severity of head injury in the event of an accident, and it's also the law.

3. Service your bike regularly

A well maintained bike is easier and more fun to ride. Servicing and spare parts available in store, see a store assistant for more information on how to maintain your bike. 

4. Buy lights and a pump

Front and rear bike lights help you to be more visible, enhancing your safety while riding. A pump will help you keep your bike well maintained for a more enjoyable ride.

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