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Hush Little Possum

Available from the 21st February
While stocks last.

Hush, little possum, don't you cry, Mama will keep you safe and dry. When the sky starts to rumble and the rain begins to fall, brave Mama possum hurries to find somewhere safe to keep her baby safe and warm.


10 Silly Wombats

Available from the 28th February
While stocks last.

Come counting with all the silly wombats, throughout their very silly day!
Starting with a trip on the bus, the wombats have lots of fun adventures, including a tea party, playing hide-and-seek, eating ice-cream at the beach, and even driving racing cars! Find the numbers hidden on every page! Kids will have loads of fun learning to count with the ten silly wombats.


If You're Happy and You Know It

Available from the 7th March
While stocks last.

If you’re happy and you know it... then join in the fun with Aussie bush animals as they flap their wings, let out a growl, bounce around and laugh out loud!


There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Mozzie

Available from the 14th March
While stocks last.

There was an old lady who swallowed a mozzie. I don’t know why she swallowed that mozzie... She’s gotta be Aussie! Aussie animals beware! An old lady is on the loose in the Australian bush and she has an unstoppable appetite! No one and nothing is safe!


May Gibbs Tales from the Bush

Available from the 21st March
While stocks last.

Snugglepot and this is Cuddlepie,’ said Snugglepot. ‘We’re going to look for gold. Come and join us!’ Join Snugglepot and Cuddlepie for some wonderful adventures in the Australian bush. Fall in love with May Gibbs' classic characters as they go camping, make new friends and much more!


The Bear went over the Mountain

Available from the 28th March
While stocks last.

The Bear went over the mountain to see what he could see. What do you think he saw? You won’t believe what the bear sees over this mountain!


The Wheels on the Ute Go Round and Round

Available from the 4th April
While stocks last.

Wombat drives the ute through the Aussie bush, collecting Aussie animals along the way. The ute looks big, but is packed full of animals by the time it arrives at the Aussie Bush Bash! But first it must traverse the varied terrain, from coastal cliffs to mountain peaks and valleys, outback landscapes and leafy rainforests. A wonderful exploration of Australian animals and landscapes, combined with a familiar theme. Sure to be a favourite!


Tortoise and the Hair

Available from the 11th April
While stocks last.

On the morning of his big day, Tortoise leapt out of bed straightaway. For today on stage with his guitar, he would become a singing superstar! But Tortoise has lost his lucky wig - however will he perform without it?


There was an Old Bloke who Swallowed a Chook

Available from the 18th April
While stocks last.

There was an old bloke who swallowed a chook. I don’t know why he swallowed that chook... By cripes, that's crook! Look out, one and all! This old bloke has a bottomless belly! From a chook, to a galah, and a possum, to even larger creatures ... and items, this old bloke sure is hungry! Will his eating frenzy ever end? Surely he’ll burst! Read the book to find out!


Hokey Pokey

Available from the 24th April
While stocks last.

Okey dokey, let’s do the hokey pokey! Come and sing and dance along with all your favourite Australian animal friends. That’s what it’s all about!


10 Hooting Owls

Available from the 2nd May
While stocks last.

Follow the owls in this fun counting book — all the way back to the nest! Keep a look-out on every page for hidden numbers to find. Kids will have loads of fun learning to count backwards with dancing owls, skating owls, and even owls at the movies!


May Gibbs Tales from the Gum Tree

Available from the 9th May
While stocks last.

‘Oh my!’ cried Snugglepot. ‘I’m flying, I’m really flying!’ He couldn’t believe he was up in the big blue sky, and it was simply glorious. Join Snugglepot and Cuddlepie on their enchanting adventures through the Australian bush. With amazing butterfly rides, boating escapades and a surprise moonlight pageant, prepare to fall in love with May Gibbs' classic characters.