The Wiggly World of Dance Live Class 4

Welcome to Wiggly Wednesday and the fourth and last of The Wiggles, Wiggly World of Dance Live Classes.

The Wiggles would like to say Hello to you! Hello We're The Wiggles opens the show. Emma, the Yellow Wiggle, Lachy the Purple Wiggle, Simon the Red Wiggle and Anthony the Blue Wiggle.

Shake your hands to warm up as The Wiggles lead the dance into Open, Shut Them. Anthony supplies the Wiggly tune on the banjo. You have to open and close your hands, roll your hands, shake them and finish by blowing a little kiss! Anthony switches to the guitar to play Itsy Bitsy Spider. This song is a fun finger play with lots of great actions. It’ so much fun pretending to be a spider climbing up the water spout!

Time to Shake Your Sillies Out! Nod your noddies out! Clap your crazies out! And Lachy yawns his yawnies out! Come on, let’s all wibble our wobbles away.

Today is all about dancing. Whether you are sitting down or standing up, use your hands, use your feet or use your head! Anthony demonstrates moving his eyebrows, one at a time or two at a time! Look closely and see if Anthony can also wiggle his ears? With the four string banjo, Anthony leads the eyebrow dance playing the Scots Guard tune, the Three-Button Polka, written by Ian Blair. Which Wiggle has the Wiggliest eyebrows?

Let’s dance a bow dance with E.M.M.A, the girl with the bow in her hair! Emma leads us into AUSLAN and teaches everyone how to spell Emma. Firstly, point to your pointer finger. This is E. Next, three fingers on your palm, makes M. Press twice for double M. Lastly point to the thumb. This is A. E M M A. Emma! Simon sings ABC and Emma signs all of the letters of the alphabet using AUSLAN. Beautiful signing!

Emma, Simon & Anthony are ready for a drive, using three plastic plates as steering wheels. Beep, Beep! They race around singing along to Spotted Cars.One of The Wiggles favourite songs Hot Potato gets us all dancing the hot potato, the cold spaghetti and the mashed banana. It’s been so much fun dancing with everyone!

The Wiggles wave goodbye after dancing with Dali the dog and Anthony’s socks too! A balletic goodbye, with Emma’s Révérence.

An exciting end to The Wiggles, Wiggly World of Dance Live Classes, brought to you by BIG W #bigdaysathome.