The Wiggly World of Dance Live Class 3

It’s The Wiggles Wiggly Wednesday and the third class of the Wiggly World of Dance!

Hello, 'My Name is Emma' opens up the show and then we get to hear all The Wiggles sing, hello!

As Simon & Emma pull up their chairs, Anthony & Lachy sit on imaginary chairs, The Wiggles sing Stand Up, Clap, Sit Down. Simon shows all the children how he can sing high when he is standing up high, and then sing low when he is sitting down low.

Bowtiful Emma asks, Can You Point Your Fingers...? You can? Well that means it’s time to Point your fingers and do the twist. Cha, cha cha! Emma & Simon are full of fun actions dancing through Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.

Anthony and his dancing socks show us how to do Greg's pendulum dance, the Murray dance, the Jeff dance that does of course include falling asleep! Wake Up Jeff! Lastly, Anthony's very own dance, click & point, jazz!

Ballet lessons are next. Rises, rising your heels off the ground, high on your toes and lower down slowly again. Let's go Riding with Ponso the Pony as we learn to do a pony gallop leading into a Galloping Ballet. Yippee, yee-haw & a very big nay!

As the class nears its end, we get to dance to one of Anthony's favourite songs Knees Up Mother Brown and Anthony dresses up in a special musical jacket! Your knees have to be up super high, hop on one foot and skip all around!

The class concludes with Emma’s Révérence, a balletic goodbye and an Oi, Oi! Another fun Wiggly World of Dance with The Wiggles, brought to you by BIG W #bigdaysathome.