The Wiggly World of Dance Live Class 2

It’s The Wiggles Wiggly Wednesday and the second class of the Wiggly World of Dance!

Are you ready for adventure and play?

Lachy welcomes all viewers with his customary Hello, Hello! The Wiggly warm-up then begins with Picking All the Flowers and reaching high up in the sky to pick apples from the tree.

Now it’s time to dance the ballet? Emma teaches a battement tendu, with a straight pointed leg, keeping toes to the floor and with a swish, feet are pointed to the front and to the side. One of the many steps you can learn from Emma's Bowtiful Ballet Studio.

Ready to dance with a bear? Well, Here Comes A Bear has Simon stomping like a bear; Emma hopping like a kangaroo; Lachy slithering like a snake and Anthony crawling like a wombat! You can join in too!

Then there’s The Monkey Dance, which has everyone dancing like a monkey, swaying their trunk from side to side like an elephant and growling like a tiger. So much Wiggly fun.

Up next, something really exciting, a dance that comes all the way from Scotland? Lachy shows everyone how to form their hands into the shape of a stag and how to stand up really high on to their tippy toes. Now everyone’s ready to dance The Highland Fling.

Time to fly away! Anthony jumps into the Wiggly Plane while Emma, Lachy and Simon dance to Do the Propeller. Up & Up & Up and Down, down, down!

Emma’s Révérence, a balletic goodbye, closes Dance Class 2. A wonderful Wiggly World of Dance with The Wiggles, brought to you by BIG W #bigdaysathome.