The Wiggly World of Dance Live Class 1

This is the first of The Wiggles, Wiggly dance classes, on Wiggly Wednesday, showcasing many different dance styles and it starts with Simon’s second favourite dance, an invigorating Shaky, Shaky dance where the children shake a little faster and shake a little slower. Of course, his favourite dance is Simon Says!

After warming up and moving around The Wiggles are ready for ballet and Emma leads them from first position to a Demi-Plié – a half bend, like the shape of a diamond! Lachy falls asleep mid-dance When I Hear The Music plays… Luckily the children notice call out “1, 2, 3 Wake Up, Lachy!” Lachy quickly wakes up and is ready for the next dance.

As Everyone joins in the ‘jump-clap’, which is jumping and clapping at the same time. Di Dicki Do Dum, oh too much fun!

Say the Dance, Do the Dance has three core dance moves, the whirlybird, the statue and the belt buckle shine. The belt buckle shine is Simon’s favourite dance move! Lots of Wiggly dancing fun!

Anthony played both the guitar and the banjo during the dance class and finished the set with Emma’s Révérence, a balletic goodbye.

An exciting start to The Wiggles, Wiggly World of Dance Live Classes, brought to you by BIG W #bigdaysathome.