BIG W Rap Books

Big Days at Home Rapbooks

A fresh take on your favourite kids books.

Join Jessica Mauboy and Tom Thum to hear them rap some of your favourite Aussie kids’ books. Because if it rhymes, it raps.

Do you love BIG W Rap Books as much as we?

We are inviting families across Australia to join in and rap along with our karaoke tracks!

Check out our 4 raps below!

Pig the Pug x Jessica Mauboy

Cozy up with the kids and get ready to hear Pig the Pug like you’ve never heard it before...when Jessica Mauboy tells the story of this naughty dawg and gives it a fresh spin in the studio.

And once you’ve enjoyed the show, have a crack yourself with our Rap Books karaoke. Storytime will never be the same again - remember, if it rhymes, it raps!

Karaoke version

Pig the Pug x Jessica Mauboy: Karaoke

Pig was a Pug
and I'm sorry to say,
he was greedy and selfish
in most every way...

The Very Cranky Bear x Tom Thum

The Jingle Jangle Jungle has never seen a jingle quite like this - join beatboxer Tom Thum recreate this beloved classic in a layered audio feast for the ears and eyes alike.

Once you’ve seen his unforgettable rendition of The Very Cranky Bear, be sure to have a go yourself with our karaoke - storytime will never be the same again!

Karaoke version

The Very Cranky Bear x Tom Thum: Karaoke

In the Jingle Jangle Jungle
on a cold and rainy day,
four little friends found
a perfect place to play...

Dharma the Llama x Jessica Mauboy

Have you met Dharma? Not like this you haven’t! Jessica Mauboy takes Matt Cosgrove’s classic and sets it to a new beat, letting the rhymes flow and the story come at you like you never could have imagined!

If you love what you hear (or your kids do and you want to take on the challenge to impress them!) then also check out our Rap Books karaoke, and you’ll be mastering your own flow of Dharma’s story in no time! 

Karaoke version

Dharma the Llama x Jessica Mauboy: Karaoke 

They go high...
and she goes, 'BYEEEEEEEE!'
While they're stampeding,
Dharma's reading...

Alpacas with Maracas x Tom Thum

Ever wondering what you’d do in a talent show? We’re pretty sure Tom Thum never struggled with this, and you’ll see why when you watch this talented beatboxer find his flow with Alpacas with Maracas.

Feeling inspired to find your flow? Check out our Rap Books karaoke, where you can prove your own rap credentials and make those alpacas sing! Storytime will never be the same again!

Karaoke version

Alpacas with Maracas x Tom Thum: Karaoke

This guy is called Macca
He's an alpaca!
He likes eating pickles
And loves getting tickles!