Learn how to draw a dinosaur

Have you ever wanted to learn how to draw a dinosaur? Our very own BIG W graphic artist, Steve Cakebread will show you how in 5 easy steps. So you too can draw this cool as T-Rex on a skateboard! Why stop there, use your new skill to draw a triceratops, brontosaurus, or get creative and make up your very own dinosaur like lizardosorous. Steve also shows you how to transfer your design onto a T-Shirt, so you too can walk like a dinosaur.

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Step 1
Using a pencil (3B-4B) draw a series of rough circles that will define the shape of your dinosaur and skateboard.

Learn to draw a dinosaur Step 1

Step 2
Begin a rough drawing of your dinosaur and skateboard, using the circles as a guide to map the main elements of your dinosaur. You can then add in details such as sunglasses, hats or a volcano in the background.

Learn to draw a dinosaur Step 2

Step 3
Clean up the pencil drawing to define the dinosaur. Using an eraser remove your sketch lines, and add in more detail to the dinosaur like hands, teeth and palm trees.

Learn to draw a dinosaur Step 3

Step 4
Once you are happy with your finished sketch, start outlining your pencil lines with a black marker (Artline 210 0.6 Black). Complete the outline with the black marker and erase all pencil lines, until you have a nice clean image.

Learn to draw a dinosaur Step 4

Step 5
Now you can get creative and colour your black and white artwork with coloured markers.

Learn to draw a dinosaur Step 5

If you love your new artwork why don't you have a go at transferring your design onto a T-Shirt ?

Step 6
Scan your artwork and print onto transfer paper. Cut around the dinosaur, so you are just left with your design.

Step 7
Get help from a parent or guardian to iron your design onto a T-shirt. Firstly iron the T-shirt to remove any creases. Place your transfer paper face down, and iron for 90 seconds ensuring you iron the whole design.

Step 8
Peel off the transfer paper backing and there you have it.

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