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Bring your favourite Masked Singers to life

Led by a formidable guessing panel of Jackie O, Dannii Minogue, Dave Hughes and Urzila Carlson and hosted by Osher Günsberg, The Masked Singer Australia is part guessing game, part music extravaganza.

It’s not a who-done it, but a who-sung-it. Packed with celebrities, mysteries and powerhouse performances, The Masked Singer Australia will have you tearing out your hair, jumping out of your seat and singing along.

Tune into Channel 10 Monday nights from 7:30pm to celebrate your favourite mask.

  • Step 1Download the 12 official THE MASKED SINGER masks above - Either PRINT or Copy the masks (Don't worry if you don't have a printer - grab some blank paper and create your own Masked Singer character).
  • Step 2Have FUN!!!! Draw, paint, glitter, decorate, stick, glue, colour in your favourite mask - The more out there the better!
  • Step 3Attach string either side of the mask to hold it in place so you can proudly wear it OR use paddle pop sticks to hold it up.
  • Step 4Want to WIN one of 5 BIG W $1,000 gift vouchers? CLICK HERE to visit the Channel 10 WIN page to enter and go into the draw.