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Learn how to ride a bike with Raffi!

My name is Raffi and today I learnt how to ride my new bike with no help! Now that I know how, I can teach you too. Once you learn, you can race your friends, ride with your family and even bike to school.

  • Get your parents to check your bikeChecking your bike means an adult makes sure you can reach the handlebars, the breaks AND touch the floor on tiptoes, like a ballerina. This is so you’re super comfy and don’t fall off. My Mum found this bike guide really handy: https://www.bigw.com.au/bike-guide.
  • Stay safe, look coolWhen you practice, make sure you have a helmet and safely pads on. It’s sooo important to wear them when you’re riding because it helps protect you. Plus, you look really cool and can add stickers to look even cooler!
  • Practice on the grassIf you can, go down to your local park - This means you can ride for longer. Or, if you have a big backyard, you can practice riding there too. Don’t forget to have your parents with you - you’ll need them to help you.
  • Start with BIG stepsStart by sitting on your bike and then get mum or dad to hold your shoulder - this is going to help you balance. Next, take GIANNTTT steps, pushing your bike forward. When you feel ready, lift your feet off the ground when you take your steps and let your bike go forward.
  • Begin to pedalKeep your hands on the handles and put your feet on the pedals. Make sure an adult holds the back of your bike as you practice and helps you steer. Having friends and family to cheer you on can make this bit fun!
  • Don’t give upBike up and down the grass until you’re super confident. Just keep going because practice makes perfect (that’s what my Mum says anyway).
  • Learn how to stop!Get an adult to teach you the difference between hand braking and foot braking. This is so you can ride and stop safely. You also get to look like an expert when you help your friends!
  • You’ve done it!You should now be able to ride like me! Keep practicing because the more you practice, the better you are going to get. If you practice really hard, you might even be able to ride to the moon!