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Harper + Gigi's Guide on how to have an Indoor Adventure!

I’m Harper, I’m 4 and my sister Gigi and I love camping! Because we’ve been inside a lot, we now go camping in our living room with our family. Our last camping adventure was based on our favourite book, “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak and it was our best ever.

  • What to pack:
    • Mum’s houseplants (if she says it’s okay!)
    • A tent you can set up inside (Or a sheet!)
    • “Where the Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak (or your favourite book) - If you don’t have a copy to pack, we’ve got Andrew Daddo reading it below.
    • Fairy lights
    • Stuffed animals
    • Blankets & pillows
  • How to camp (like the Wild Things):
  • Create a wilderness with house plants: Get Mum or Dad to help you make a mini wilderness inside, just like the one that grew in Max’s room in the book. You can put them anywhere, but just ask your parents for help before moving them. Pots are heavy (and messy)!
  • Set up a tent in the living room... You can’t camp without a tent! Get your parents to set one up in the living room. When they do that, you can decorate with blankets and cushions. This is the fun job so get this before your sister bags it!
  • … or make your own tent! Even better than setting up a tent is making one! You can build a cubby or a fort or almost anything with blankets and pillows.
  • Add some twinkly lights: Because you can’t see the stars inside, create your own with fairy lights. Get someone who’s really tall to hang these from a ceiling or furniture. These will make your trip feel extra special and are so pretty to look at.
  • Have your own scavenger hunt: Close your eyes and get your parents to hide stuffed animals around the house. Race your brothers or sisters to find them and who gets the most gets to be crowned “Queen (or King) of the Wild Things”. You can even make an actual crown for the winner!
  • Eat a family BBQ by the campfire: Get Mum or dad to cook dinner on the BBQ (or in the oven) and then sit and eat together around a pretend campfire. Have hot chocolates for dessert and add extra marshmallows (take your Dad’s when he’s not looking)!
  • Have a snuggly sing-a-long: Camping is extra fun when there’s a sing-a-long! If your Mum or Dad plays guitar, it’s even better. But if they don’t, you can still play music or your favourite songs and sing and dance with your family.
  • Read stories with torches: Get your favourite books (like “Where the Wild Things Are”) and read around the campfire until bedtime, which can be never because the Wild Things never go to bed!