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Create your own Balloon and Fringe Garland!

Party at home with this D.I.Y. Balloon and Fringe Garland. It won't take long, and you can add your own, unique twist to it. So if you have got just a little bit of time on your hands, and an event coming up, we think you will love this project!

Don't forget to share your creation on Facebook or Instagram with #bigdaysathome.


Time to get started!

The best place to begin, is by gathering all the supplies required. To make things easier, you can approach the project in 2 sections. First, focus on the Fringe Garland, and then once completed, move on to the Balloon Garland.


Fringe Garland

What you will need

  • Plastic Table Cover (cut strips of the Table Cover approximately 5cm wide) - with so many colours available, you will be able to match this perfectly with your Balloon Garland!
  • Scissors
  • Balloon Ribbon

Step 1Fold a single cut strip of table cover in half and place folded end under balloon ribbon.


Step 2Take the folded end, create a loop and fold over the balloon ribbon.


Step 3Pull the two loose ends of the table cover through the loop. Pull down firmly.


Step 4Repeat steps 1 to 3, bunching each strand closely, until you reach your desired length.


Balloon Garland

What you will need


Step 1Inflate latex balloons using a hand pump and tie together in a set of two.


Step 2Repeat step 1 with different colours and different sized balloons.


Step 3Holding a pair of balloons in each hand, twist around one another to 'tie' these together.


Step 4Repeat step 3, always connecting your newest pair of balloons onto the most recently added pair.

What to do next?

Once your Balloon Garland is completed, simply attach to wall hooks with Balloon Ribbon and add in your Fringe Garland, tying the balloon ribbon into the balloons. Easy done!

Don't forget to share your creation on Facebook or Instagram with #bigdaysathome.