Pick Up Sticks Balloon Game

Have some outdoor fun by creating your own Pick Up Sticks Balloon game. It won't take long, and you can add your own, unique twist to it. So if you have a morning or afternoon to fill, and some basic supplies at hand, you can have a blast setting up your own!

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  • Colourful 12cm Latex Balloons
  • Balloon Pump
  • Scissors
  • Small Cable Ties
  • Chicken Wire
  • Wooden Sticks - approximately 60cm long
Backyard Pickup Sticks Step 1
Backyard Pickup Sticks Step 2

Step 1
Take the chicken wire and cut to roughly a metre in length.

Backyard Pickup Sticks Step 3

Step 2
Fold this piece of chicken wire so the ends connect to create a cylinder, to keep these ends together securely use the cable ties to connect them along the whole piece of wire.

Backyard Pickup Sticks Step 4

Step 3
Now the cylinder is held together, one by one put the wooden sticks through the cylinder ensuring that both ends can be pulled out of the wire. Make sure to leave some room at the bottom of the sticks for the balloons to fall when sticks are removed.

Backyard Pickup Sticks Step 5

Step 4
Keep threading through the wire all the balloon sticks until you have no big games for the balloons to fall through.

Backyard Pickup Sticks Step 6

Step 5
Using a balloon pump, inflate that 12cm latex balloons to look like small balls.

Backyard Pickup Sticks Step 8

Step 6
Repeat this process for different coloured balloons, once inflated put these in the cylinder so they sit above the sticks. Now time to have some fun! Can you remove the sticks without the balloons falling?

Backyard Pickup Sticks Step 9