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orders over $200*
within 30 days*
  • 1300 244 999



We are currently experiencing an issue with our Webforms orders. At the moment we are sending all article details in Units (this includes Cost details) rather than the order multiples you are use to seeing. We are looking at a permanent fix for this issue and will provide an update when complete.

In the interim, we will send another copy of the PO details in the Woolworths format via email to the same email address as your Webforms account.

We are Live with SAP

BIG W is pleased to advise that we are now live on SAP. This means you can now access the Promotions Portal to create deals and collaborate with your Buyer and use the new forms for article creation and maintenance.


In some instances it may look like the RCTI (Recipient Created Tax Invoice) is being received with lower values than expected for xdock orders.This is due to the timing of receipts in our new SAP system. We are working to resolve this, and we will notify you when these are available to be released.

Delay in Planned Orders

We are currently unable to release planned orders. We will notify you when planned orders are ready to be released.

PAD DATA File Delay

Please note that the release of the PAD data files has been delayed to week beginning 30/03/15.  Apologies for inconvenience.

WOWlink Registrations

We are receiving quite a few queries regarding WOWlink registrations and password resets.  We are working through these queries as quickly as possible.

Find your new SAP Purchase Order Number

Open the PDF to search for your old SFR orders. Please note that this list is not complete with over 4000 orders still to be added 

17 March 2015 - Update to Invoice Processing - Amendment to Victorian PO Box number 

The submission of invoices to the Victorian PO box has changed. New details details are:

GPO Box 4714
Melbourne, Vic, 3000
Please Note: Only the Victoria mailbox is impacted.

SAP Questions and Answers

Use the question and answer document below to resolve common questions asked by vendors when going live with SAP.  Please be aware that you might experience a delay when calling the helpdesk during the intial support period.  We recommend that you use the questions and answer and support material to resolve questions to save time and reduce the load on support resources.

1. Trade Partner Help Card - Frequently Asked Questions»

Promotions Management System Training Material - 6 MAR 2015

1. Promotions Portal Vendor User Guide»

2. Supplier Help Card - Access»

3. Supplier Help Card - To Do List»

4. Supplier Help Card - Creating Deals»

5. Supplier Help Card - Notifications & Reporting»

6. Supplier Help Card - Vendor Claims»

7. Trade Partner Help Card - FAQ»

8. WOWLink Administrator - Help Card»

Vendor Education Session Training Reference Material

Only once you have checked the training materials and  questions above and still have a question please use the contacts below:

  • For Commercial issues contact your Buying Team

  • For Technical issues with the Promotions Portal or WOWLink Email:

  • For support on Claims and Remittance?  

    • Contact the Transaction Processing Centre (TPC)
      Telephone: (03) 6245 6600

    • Email:
      Hours of operation: 7:00 am to 5:00 pm (AEST)

  • For support on Forms?

    • For Commercial issues contact your Buying Team

    • For Technical issues with Forms

    • Telephone: 1300 422 042

    • Email:

                     Hours of operation: 8:30am to 4:30pm (AEST)

1. Promotions Management & Finance»

2. Woolworths Forms»

BIG W SAP Retail Solution Trade Partner Awareness Pack

Download Pack»

The pack will tell you more about:

  • Changes in Promotion Management at Woolworths
  • Why we are making the change?
  • What is changing?
  • Introduction to WOWLink
  • New Article Submission Forms
  • Changes to Financial Documents
  • Messages sent to date
  • Training and Next Steps

BIG W Retail Solution Trade Partner Communication and Training Approach

Download Pack»

This pack provides more information about the training approach and steps you need to take to get ready for the SAP implementation.

BIG W SAP Retail Solution

As part of the implementation of SAP we are introducing a web-based promotions management tool, the Promotions Portal. Other changes include new forms for articles and pricing and changes to our financial documents. Use the links below to access more information and previous communications.

1. BIG W Supplier Communications – Project Introduction»

2. TUN Request»

3. Changes to Reverse Purchase Orders»

4. Vendor Changes to TUN's»

5. EDI and Web Forms Purchase Orders»

6. BIG W Vendor Message – Contracts and Purchase Orders»

7. Vendor Letter Rebates and Settlement Final»


Click here to view the BIG W eBusiness information page»

BIG W Vendor Forms:

Refer to WOWLink for the latest forms and support material. The following forms and associated support material are relevant to BIG W vendors:
Woolworths Article Form (WAF)
Woolworths New Article Summary (WNAS)
Woolworths Price Form (WPF)

Accounts and Finance Queries

Do you have a question for the Transaction Processing Centre?

Trade Partners are required to provide the Transaction Processing Centre with all of the following information when raising a query:
  • Eight digit Remit To Vendor Number (located in the top right-hand corner of your Remittance Advice).
  • WOW SAP Document Number (quoted on your Remittance Advice).
  • Payment Number (located in top right-hand corner of your Remittance Advice).
Access the Query Form from the WOWLink page.

The query upload form can be found under the Woolworths WOWlink > Vendors > Doing Business with Woolworths > Accounts and Finance > Queries

Promotions Portal

Access the Woolworths Promotions Portal from the WOWLink Homepage.

The Promotions Portal link will be displayed under Services on the right navigation panel from the WOWLink Homepage after login.

Big W Logos

Click here to download BIG W logos »

Woolworths Contractors

Click here to visit the Woolworths Limited Contractor website »

Vendor Notifications

 New Store - 800 MCR WHOLESALE (133KB)

 New Store - 512 Brickworks (133KB)

New Store - 475 Warnbro (53KB)

New Store - 169 Katoomba OPENING DATE REVISED (113KB)

New Store - 361 Craigieburn REVISED (125KB)

New Store - 362 Melton REVISED (125KB)

New Store - 238 Redbank (60KB)

New Store - 237 Brookside (60KB)

New Store - 365 Lilydale (113KB)

DC Receiving Requirements May 2012 (50KB)

New Store - 166 Merrylands (48KB)

New Store - 168 Tuggeranong (51KB)

New Store - 458 Kwinana (47KB)

New Store - 560 Mildura (48KB)

New Store - 239 Emerald (51KB)

New Store - 191 Canberra Airport (51KB)

BIG W Hoxton Park Site Plan for Vendors (306KB)

BIG W Hoxton Park 2nd Vendor Notification Pack (292KB)

BIG W information for suppliers

Marketing »

BIG W Vendor Trading Terms »

Addendum to BIG W Trading Terms re Australian Consumer Law Act »

Vendor product withdrawal and recall notification »

BIG W Footwear Quality Manual

Footwear Quality Manual »

BIG W information for suppliers

Softgoods Quality Manual »

Other Important Documents

Environmental Claims Policy (60KB)

word icon BIG W Copy Claim Request Form (106KB)

xcel icon Vendor Invoice Query Upload Form (23KB)

Fair Trading Policy (36KB)

Ethical Sourcing Policy (68KB)

BIG W Standard for Managing Bulky Heavy Awkward Goods (1MB)

Bulky Icon (32KB)

Heavy Icon (32KB)

Very Heavy Icon (32KB)

Extremely Heavy Icon (32KB)

Rehabilitation Policy - English (123KB)

Rehabilitation Policy - Arabic (229KB)

Rehabilitation Policy - Chinese (336KB)

Rehabilitation Policy - Hindi (232KB)

Rehabilitation Policy - Korean (185KB)

Rehabilitation Policy - Vietnamese (122KB)

Safety and Health Policy - English (233KB)

Safety and Health Policy - Arabic (228KB)

Safety and Health Policy - Chinese (339KB)

Safety and Health Policy - Hindi (227KB)

Safety and Health Policy - Korean (184KB)

Safety and Health Policy - Vietnamese (184KB)

SHE Vision and Principles - English (139KB)

SHE Vision and Principles - Arabic (225KB)

SHE Vision and Principles - Chinese (239KB)

SHE Vision and Principles - Hindi (226KB)

SHE Vision and Principles - Korean (191KB)

SHE Vision and Principles - Vietnamese (155KB)